Digital Marketing & Freelance Sales

Specializing in the Broadcast industry

Lead development

With a specialty in broadcast technology, RainDance Digital has deep technical competence, commercial awareness and marketing creativity at its core.  We know how to sell too.

Start-ups a Specialty. Launch Yourself in Europe!

We are marketeers with end user experience.

About RainDance Digital

 RainDance Digital has first-hand experience of current and future trends of the broadcast industry and the benefits on offer. From live production to postproduction to playout to archiving, we understand the move to IP, cloud, edge computing and the benefit that new communications such as 5G, Wifi6 and Starlink will bring. From Artificial Intelligence, remote production, cloud-based workflows and viewer engagement with second screening or augmented reality, let us help you today to get your message across and ensure your company is noticed.

Sales & Marketing Services

Digital Marketing


Create 24×7 inbound sales leads and enhanced brand awareness through professional content creation.

Content with creativity that enables new customers to find you. Includes  an array of recognized digital marketing strategies and online distribution to increase your qualified sales leads from a global audience.

Enhance Your Brand


Wanting to modernize your corporate identity?  Wanting to look more relevant and innovative while being perceived less corporate for your target audience? 

Re-invent yourself, new logo, new language, new customers.

Creation and story-boarding of videos and image design. We make you stand out from the crowd!

Sales Representation


Want to expand your company with a footprint in Europe?

With a network of senior decision makers in the broadcast industry, RainDance Digital can get you started on the road to success with a local sales office.

Start-ups and technology companies looking to scale up a specialty.

Bio - Mark Andrews (Founder)

RainDance Digital started as my own boutique content writing company. For many years I fulfilled projects’ part-time while simultaneously working as a sales manager for technology start-up’s, mainly in the broadcast, OTT and TV production space. I have helped many companies scale up and increase their inbound sales lead while improving their brand awareness. With a technical sales background, I understand the synergy that must exist between sales and marketing, with marketing initiatives being as accountable as the sales people they serve.

What do we offer?

RainDance Digital is a company that can be used for short- or long-term engagements from a few hours a week, to full time. They can augment your marketing department to bring in digital marketing expertise. They can provide freelance salespeople in Europe. There are no lengthy committed legal contracts, and our rates are very cost effective. Contact us now to discuss your needs and we would be happy to provide a proposal. We can be versatile and adaptable, and we can give you an honest expectation of what can be achieved and by when based on lead conversion, pipeline and potential sales.