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Should I hire a PR agency or a Marketing Agency

What the difference between a PR Agency and a Marketing Agency? 

Often a PR agency is confused with a marketing agency. If you are looking to build trust and raise awareness in a brand, then a PR agency is the most suitable. If you looking to sell product and create inbound lead generation, then a marketing agency is more appropriate. Though in the world of digital marketing where I operate, there is a blur between the two definitions. 

Public Relations is about creating a positive image on your brand but another aspect of PR is reputation management. If your business receives bad publicity, a good PR agency will know how to counter.  PR’s objective is to make your brand viewed as a positive thing, and if it happens to drive more sales, it is more of a side effect of a good PR strategy rather than its main aim. 

Marketing is about driving sales.  Digital marketing allows you to create awareness through online press releases, thought leadership pieces, success stories and editorials written by influencers and respected journalists. One note of caution, Press Releases are often referred to as PR, don’t confuse the PR of a Press Release with PR of Public Relations. 

 You can also author content yourself, and this is where having a contact base and distribution strategy to disseminate your content is critical for its success.  But you can also drive potential customers to your website via your own SEO and social media strategies. Another word of caution, your social media strategy in terms of posting content is only a subset of your distribution and should not be considered the major distribution strategy to drive new sales. 

As of 2022 the most fundamental part of digital marketing is content writing, sometime referred to as copywriting, with text that is optimized to include the search terms, known as keyword strings, that people are highly likely to use within search engines. A keyword might be “tech pr agency that you include as part of your text but with a link back to an appropriate page on your website. This in known as link building and will increase the Domain Authority of your website and increases your chances of scoring high in Google’s organic searching. 

 If you are a technology company, especially one with a specific niche that can be complex, it is important that your content is created by someone who understand the technicalities, articulates your value proposition without confusing your potential audience, and can relate the technical strengths into business value depending on your target audience. 

This is where RainDance Digital can add real value. We can create a variety of different content in line with your marketing strategy. With a mass of sales, marketing and writing commercial proposals for a range of IT, technology, broadcast and surveillance applications, we also understand how to make content resonate for your potential customer base. No proposition is too difficult. From cloud to Kubernetes, from broadcast ingest to playout, from IP communications to sustainable data centers, we have experience from start-ups to major corporates. We are well connected to a range of online portals, journalists and news platforms that we distribute content to.  And at a price point that even the most stringent start-up can afford and experience a ROI within a short time. 

Contact RainDance Digital now and let us help you with your lead development strategy. Let’s make 2022 resonate to the sound of your beat. 



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