Brand re-invention

New image, get noticed, get sales

A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir. “

– Lisa Gansky


Brand creation

The way customers think about your brand is how they view your company as a whole – from logo to product to price to support.  It defines you.

A major part of marketing is brand awareness and how people relate to it. Even minor things like logo, website layout or your online appearance can affect how people will view you,  especially when they first interact.  First impression can be everything and how you present yourself can be the difference between reading on or moving on.

Maybe you feel you are not capturing the excitement of your innovation? Maybe you are feeling your identity is too corporate which is not appealing to your customer base?   Maybe you are bored with your current branding?

Branding is very personal to the people who decide how they want to be represented – it is very definitely not a science and one approach does not fit all. RainDance can act as brand agency and provide brand consultancy at a fraction of the cost of a traditional brand consultant. Their approach is to understand what you want to feel, and portray that into your corporate image . By utilizing various people from different creative backgrounds to brainstorm ideas, RainDance can generate new branding materials for consideration.