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Digital Marketing for Broadcast Tech

Digital marketing is an effective way for your company to find new projects and customers without relying on trade-shows, cold calling, or the promises of resellers. In our time, we have worked for an array of broadcast organizations from one off content pieces to fully blown digital marketing plans against targets in terms of website traffic and qualified lead conversion.

Marketing 4 Marketeers - Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a major element of your marketing strategy that maximizes your online presence with the positive effect of increasing your inbound sales, and your online brand awareness. It enables potential customers to easily find you, ultimately giving your sales teams warm leads with prospects who want to be followed up.

There are many facets to digital marketing that mostly includes the creation and the distribution of content, either written or multi-media. The purpose is to reach and engage new clients. Elements of digital marketing include search engine optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social media optimization (SMO). But creation of content is only part of the story  – online distribution of content is paramount to its success via for example news sites, publication platforms, via thought leaders, industry associations, video sites and sponsored posts via social media platforms. If you only distribution to your own social media network, then this is not an effective way to gain new customers.

What is Marketing 4 Marketeers?

Marketing 4 Marketeers is a RainDance service to augment your existing marketing team with digital marketing expertise. From a few hours per week to monthly projects, also known as “growth marketing”, RainDance can quickly accelerate your online presence and sales prospects without contractual liabilities.

It includes a shopping list of digital marketing initiatives from content creation, content distribution, sponsored posts, PPC such as Google AdWords, website modifications and other compelling content creation such as infographics or video creation.

RainDance is a specialty digital marketing company for broadcast technology and OTT companies. They can be deeply technical, and commercially aware depending on the target audience. With experience from ingest to live playout including newsrooms, live sports production, OTT, media and entertainment, RainDance has a wide range of end user experiences and future trends.

RainDance understand current and future trends of cloud, the move to IP video workflows, 5G enablement, LEO satellite, postproduction, MAM and archive systems, Artificial Intelligence in broadcast, esports, sustainability, edge computing, data center initiatives and commercial pay-as-you-go offerings to name just a few…

The Important of the Correct Content Creation Approach

When creating content, it is important to understand the audience you are targeting and write accordingly. There is no point in writing everything with highly technical language if the decision makes only needs to understand the benefits. However some decision makers, especially in production, need a highly technical overview. RainDance can cater for both and create different content on the same subject.

Before writing content, it is always best-practice to incorporate researched “keyword links” in your text. These are a few words of text that people would search on when looking for your services, and then when the content is published online, these links are directed back to your website. This increases your Domain Authority (DA) and is a crucial part of your SEO strategy. It will increase website traffic and inbound sales leads.

Types of content that can be created and distributed includes Press Releases (PR), Thought Leadership articles, editorials, customer success stories, blogs, newsletters and white papers.

Content can also be multi-media in nature and can include infographic images and video.

Measuring Success

RainDance wants to ensure value for money. Using Google analytics, website traffic and conversion rates can be measured to determine that the correct strategy is working. It is not unusual to try different approaches to find the most optimum results hence why it is important to measure the success. It is conversations that ultimately count, not website traffic.