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Getting a footprint in Europe is easier than you think.

StartUp Europe - Freelance Sales for Technology Start Ups

Are you a technology startup or SME looking to obtain a sales footprint in Europe?

To enable a leg-up on the first rung of the ladder of success in Europe, RainDance can make this happen very easily. This can be achieved without the major investment of renting office space, registering a legal company, or recruiting staff. 

RainDance can offer sales representation on a freelance basis. With their wide network of contacts in the broadcast, TV production and the OTT arena across Europe. RainDance can build a sales pipeline and close business, either via a direct model or via a reseller channel, which RainDance can help you get established through our knowledge of the local market.

About the company

RainDance has a successful history of helping start-ups and SMEs’ wanting to expand and grow quickly as part of their global expansion ambitions. As well as marketing and sales experience, RainDance can also help with product marketing to ensure products and services are a good fit for the local European market both technically and commercially.

Taking a company global is difficult without local knowledge. If you wish to truly expand your business, you need to immerse yourself in the market you wish to serve. If having a new European or EMEA presence is critical to your expansion, then with Rain Dance based in the Netherlands, it is an ideal central location to serve Europe, UK, Middle East, and Scandinavia.


The people at RainDance have a technical background and can demonstrate technical products and services, especially in the broadcast, OTT, IT and video surveillance markets.

RainDance can offer freelancing from 1 day to 5 days per week without the commitment and legal ramifications of recruiting staff or a local tax office. It enables companies to cost effectively test a new geographic sales territory and test the economic viability. It is possible to start to win new business without a major investment.