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Are you looking for a technical writer? Don’t let your developers and engineers waste their precious time on having to write manuals which is something they don’t enjoy. We have experience writing technical manuals which we them embellish with infographics, screen shots and technical diagrams, ensuring a pragmatic, logical, and well designed  approach to using your products. A professional manual is a necessity to a company’s good reputation and standing. A good manual also cuts down on your support requirements as you give your customers the tools to be self-sufficient.

What is our approach to manual writing?

We can take your products and if they are intuitive we can use them (and also act as a beta tester), alternatively we can interview members of your team to get an overview enabling us to assemble a manual. If you have a rough draft, we can take that as a starting point, though often customers have nothing.

We can include a forward of any required safety standards, CE markings, or other precautions to reduce liability of product from the manufacturer, which can also act a a proof of compliance for any import needs.

Types of Manuals

With a highly technical and operations background, including pre and post sales training and operational awareness in a variety of IT solutions, critical communications, video workflows, security, live streaming, we can apply ourselves to a variety of different products such as: –

  • Critical Communications – Law enforcement, government, cellular and IP communication devices
  • Broadcasting – live streaming, satellite, cellular and file ingest, cloud, cameras, post production, playout, archival
  • IT – RDBMS, Storage Solutions, Cloud, Data Centers, file acceleration, archiving, Linux, Windows, hosting

Translation of Technical Manuals

For sure, Google translate can be a quick fix for translating. But often the “technical” writing needs adapting and English grammatical rules need to be applied effectively to ensure the manual sounds professional. Also many of the diagrams with the original language are in a JPEG (picture) format meaning they need to be recreated or manipulated which can be done as part the overall translation process. RainDance can take existing manuals and translate them effectively.

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